Unemployed Nigerians find solace in sports betting, make it full-time job

Like most researchers, Andrew Ejike gets dressed and leaves his house at Enugu town in the afternoon. A computer laptop bag, which he carries like a suitcase, indicates he is going to the workplace. When he returns home in the day, his neighbors frequently ask:”How was work today?” And he answers by saying,”Work was fine”.
Interestingly, Ejike doesn’t have work, and certainly does not have a formal job. He’s unemployed.
However he’s’created’ a’job’ for himself. He is, more or less, a ‘professional’ punter. Sports gambling is what Ejike does and if he leaves for’work’ every morning on working days, the’office’ that he goes is actually any sports pub around town.
On getting to the pub, Ejike would set up his laptop, connect to the Internet using a mobile device, open the website of any of the mobile sports betting companies and begin working on predictions, or permutations, so as to think of the stakes he would set for the day.
A bachelor’s degree holder in Estate Management from a national university, Ejike has been sustaining himself and his young family with profits from sports gambling after failing to secure a steady employment since he graduated more than 10 decades back.
In a conversation with our correspondent, Ejike clarified he lost two previous jobs after the firms that he had been working for shut down.
“The pay from the occupations was not much anyhow but I believe there is dignity in labour. I was also expecting that along the line I would get something larger and more secure. But I couldn’t even hold on to these tasks since the firms closed down and nothing better came together,” he explained.

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